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January 27, 2007, 7:14 am
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Visit this site, for past logs. Well, I just got done with a pod cast, and I am in the mood that i get in sometimes and I stay up for days and I can not stop talking for hours. Yes i am a bi-polar, or better known as manic depressive, So what am I going to talk about WHAT EVER THE FUCK I WANT TO AND IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE FUCKING TYPING YOU HAVE THE CHOICE TO GET THE FUCK OFF THE SITE OR KEEP ON READING THE MOTHER FUCKING THING TO SEE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY BITCH OR BASTERED!!!!!!

Okay, now I am going to tell you what I have in plane for the Stangs next project, First I am going to finish the engine compartment, and engine mods. I have striped all the smog controls off, and took out the air-conditioning, BOY THE COMPRESSOR FELT LIKE IT WAS A TON BY IT’S SELF!!!! Uuuuhup the condenser and all. The old air breather box came out to. I also took the””””air sound dampener”””” off, it was just a small piece of pipe in a big plastic cover, DEAD WEIGHT. I put in a MASS AIR FLOW FILTER and the improvement was a big difference. the next mods will be to have the rearend (the spider gears) welded… Yes I said welded please don’t comment on DO NOT WELD REAREND YOU WILL BREAK PARTS OR TEAR OUT THE REAREND……, I have drove cars before with the rearend welded and yet not had one tear up. So says Dr. Don….. I also have to fix the locks on the door, I have found the clips that hold the rods on but no luck finding the rods. I will fabercate new rods for the doors and locks. the gasshocks that hold up the hatch will also be the next thing to be put on, boy is the hatch hevy. When I go find out what kind of special deals the paint place is doing then I will start with the wiring covers(split loom). I found that the split loom comes in many different colors. The ignition coil will also be up graded to a MSD coil. I have all ready put good wires on put I will put upgrades on with new plugs. The exshust will need to be fixed also. Allrighty then I got to go untill next time may the pony keep on running.

SO SAYS DR. DON…………………………………………………………..


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What’s up? Glad to know you got off you arse and built a fucking blog! πŸ™‚

Comment by Jefferson Davis

Good Job Doc!!
Welcome to the blogoshere.
Keep up the good work on your lead sled but don’t forget to buy a motorcycle too!!!

Comment by Brianf

This “thing” you call a car should take a back seat for a while or else your “real” car is going to lose gas and shut down dude! just kidding, you know I love ya! keep up the good work on the stang in moderation though…..

Comment by shannonmarie

Come on man, get with the freaking program! Update! πŸ™‚

Comment by Jefferson Davis

I can’t speak long, Blogger is watching my every move.

Where the hell are the rest of your posts?

Comment by Dario Sanchez

Posted on January 27th?

This is May. Where are the rest of the posts??

Comment by Grandad

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